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    Yeah that's another issue caused by the installer


    I have no issues caused by the installer.

    If the installer has no option to not set the reg key then yes, it is

    We were talking about having the option be in the UI. We just need a simple option in the UI to choose whether f.lux starts with Windows. That way, the installer can stay simple and those who shouldn't be messing with this won't be enticed to.

  • Hi there,

    I have been waiting patiently for the new windows version to come out. However i'm really bummed out that there is no ability to SET CUSTOM TIMES. I live in Alaska, almost NEVER is the sun agreeable with my work and sleep schedule. There were promises in past forum posts by the developers that this was to be included!

    While I like to travel, constantly changing the location on the Flux map is not what I had in mind.

    If I have somehow missed it, forgive me and tell me how to do it. If I have not, please consider adding it as soon as possible! There really is no other way this program will be useful for me anymore over Win 10 built in.

    Thank you,

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  • Nice to see Philips Hue integration working again!
    Unfortunately, with the current features it is quite unusable for me. Here are some of my issues:
    It controls all lights in the setup, I can not specify individual lights. I only want to control the light behind my screen.
    Brightness is always set to maximum. I would like to set the brightness myself. It is too bright in the evening.
    I can not set the max. color temperature.
    I'm aware, that the Hue integration has no priority, still, it would be very nice to have more options!
    Thanks for your work!

    @herf said:

    @little-nemo thanks - these things are on our list... and we even have the brightness parameters internally (just no UI for them yet). Hopefully soon (but probably not this version).

    That's nice! Looking forward!

  • I've been using the Beta for two weeks or so and I like some of the new features - mainly the ability to automatically go a bit "deeper" late in the night. However there have been some issues as well.

    One gripe of mine has been the (often mentioned) taskbar bug where the f.lux icon resets itself to the 1st (visible) position on every restart.

    The other is related to my specific setup which is a dual-monitor: Primary (external HDMI monitor) & Secondary (laptop screen). I've noticed that f.lux beta adjusts my gamma (for the lack of better terminology) on my Primary monitor depending on the Secondary (laptop) monitor's brightness. This happens even during the day. I normally keep my laptop at 25% and external monitor stays always at 30%. However when I play with brightness values on the laptop monitor (for example in the Windows 10 action center) and going from 0% > 25% > 50% >75% > 100% the picture on my primary external monitor changes as well even though its brightness is still set to 30%.

    0% brightness on laptop results to something like 1.1 gamma on external monitor (colors look a bit washed-out and the whole picture is sort of like "looking through a fog").
    25% = 1.05
    50% = 1.00
    75% = 0.95
    100% = 0.90

    I since switched back to the regular version since it allows me to maintain more vibrant (not so washed-out) colors independently on the brightness settings on my laptop's monitor. Even with only 25% brightness on laptop I'm getting nicer colors (0.9 gamma) on my external screen.

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    @K4m1k4z3 thanks - this should not happen except at the most extreme dimming settings. We will fix.

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  • Still has this bug with the task tray.

    After each Windows (10) reboot, it forces itself back here.

    I want it to stay here like it did before.

  • Yeah he hasn't said anything about trying to address this yet.

    For the record, I don't hide any of my Notification Area icons.

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    @No.794 we are working on this - we've added about 20 features, and we want people to have a chance to see them before the icon is hidden.

    It is hard to explain how big the difference is between savvy users and the less sophisticated ones that don't know how to find the app, but we get hundreds of emails about "how do I change settings? every day. (But it will not stay there forever, especially for people who don't want it to.)

  • @herf Alright, thanks for the answer. Just wanted to make sure the issue was acknowledged.

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    @little-nemo if you can find our registry (HKCU/Software/Michael Herf/flux/Preferences you may be able to adjust "nightbri" and "latebri" to do this... I think they will work. :)

  • I have been using Flux for yrs, I now am at 4.28, the only real issue I have which didn't with older version is when playing a game it is slow to adjust and after I exit game, I have to mouse click on desktop so Flux focuses on that and then it dims to proper setting.

    On feature set, since there are a lot of settings now, once you have user set (3 sliders set) it should be saved to a user profile.
    This way if you want to use other modes you can easy switch w/o having to reset your settings.

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    @Edkiefer thanks yes, we should have a save button for the settings.... named presets are coming

  • Are you still intending to implement some sort of chime for Philips Hue Bridge pairing? I have attempted to use this feature multiple times but it just doesn't seem to want to pair but I am not sure if it is honestly discovering the bridge in the first place.

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    It should chime and show a notifier for 30 seconds after you turn it on.

    Does https://www.meethue.com/api/nupnp have anything?
    We use http://www.fiddlertool.com/ to debug Hue, so it may give you some insight.

  • I really do like the beta version but the notifications can get annoying. Even if I go to notification windows and turn off f.lux's notification privileges it seems to reset the next day. Would love an option to mute notifications from f.lux.

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    I really do like the beta version but the notifications can get annoying. Even if I go to notification windows and turn off f.lux's notification privileges it seems to reset the next day. Would love an option to mute notifications from f.lux.

    There is one you can turn off: the Backwards Alarm Clock.

  • @TwoCables Yeah, I turned that one off as soon as I realized what it did. Problem is that I alt + tab between let's say Overwatch and Discord and I get the notification for f.lux has been disabled/enabled constantly.

  • The new menu with no direct access to "movie mode" etc is not my taste.

  • And the two curved lines in the main display give not really any important info (what do they mean anyway?) so I think it would be better to leave it away.

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    And the two curved lines in the main display give not really any important info (what do they mean anyway?) so I think it would be better to leave it away.

    I made a post in this thread 3 days ago that attempts to explain it:


    If you still have questions after this, then you can ask me. I think I got it all figured out now.

  • @TwoCables I still don't get what the two lines are. Is the amount of light sensitivity the darker grey area?

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    @TwoCables I still don't get what the two lines are. Is the amount of light sensitivity the darker grey area?

    Yep, that's why the ball is dead-center on the part that shows the nighttime light sensitivity in my example where I show what it looks like if f.lux thinks you've been awake for 16 hours. How did I figure out that this is the nighttime section of the light sensitivity curve? It''s consistent. Truly, it's always there after 16 hours no matter what. Regardless of what my f.lux Location is, regardless of what my Wake Time is, regardless of what my computer's time is and regardless of what my time zone is, f.lux will always put the ball there if it calculates that I have been awake for 16 hours. The same is true for any other amount of time that f.lux thinks I've been awake.

    So from this, you can study it by faking your Location, faking your Wake-Time, faking your system time and faking your time zone over and over and you will see how it works. You will see the same things that I did. Like for example, I found that the part where there's no light sensitivity (the thinnest part that's just left of center) is pretty much 6 hours after you wake up, every single time. It doesn't matter what your other settings are.

    So, the bigger part is your personal "night", regardless of what time it is, and the smaller part (to the far right, extending into far left) is your personal morning. The thinnest part where the lines intersect is 6 hours after you've been awake (but f.lux simply calculates that by your selected Wake Time).

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  • Well, I still don't get automatic updates on Windows 10 Pro Build 1703 :(
    This problem persists since the beginning of the beta of f.lux.

  • @herf
    I still have issues with 4.29 changing its xxxk value at random times during game, lately I am running BF1 and this game as many switches display a few times (start game, load screen, game menu, then loads game level).

    I have idea that might help, let me try an explain usage , If I run it at night I have my flux set to like 3400k, during the game it will randomly finally switch to this, but really in game, because of colors it not great.

    What would be good is to be able to set the game to xxxxk, so per app value, this would probably fix both issues.
    As in above game at night something like 4500-5000k looks good and at same time is not to bright.(Of course every app or process might be different).

  • It appears I have lost the ability to disable by app in this new version. I only see the options to disable "for an hour" or "until sunset."

  • @timmotayyo
    I had this happen to with web browser , but the option pop up after while, right now its gone for me as I write this.

  • @Edkiefer I think I found issue, if the disable menu pops up to the right I lose the 3rd option to disable the app, but if it opens to the left I see the option.
    At least so far it seems like that.

  • still having this problem: https://forum.justgetflux.com/post/13522

  • As of flux beta 4.33 I've still got this issue (originally posted on April 22):

    I recorded a short video illustrating the problem. I'm recording the external (primary) monitor which has a set brightness (30 percent) and adjusting the brightness on my laptop's (secondary) monitor using the W10 action center.


    As you can see, the higher the brightness set on my laptop's screen, the darker the image becomes on my primary monitor. When the laptop's screen is set to 0% brightness, the colors on my primary monitor look washed out and the whole picture sort of looks like being behind a fog.

    Is something wrong with my setup/settings? This has never happened in the stable version (3.12 I believe).

  • Hello, can I please get a reply?

  • Flux 4.33 beta, windows 7 x64. Can't get tray icon to front. "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Notification Area Icons" - show all icons is unchecked. When I set "Show icon and notifications" for flux, every time computer is restarted there is new entry for flux and tray icon is hidden.
    I removed /nohide from executable but this brings flux window to front, not tray icon.