Requesting more information about the light sensitvity curve

  • The content of this post was created yesterday April 6th at around 8:15am Central Time

    I'd love to know more about how to read and use the curve that indicates when we're likely to be sensitive to light.

    Edit: I think I'm starting to understand. I put in the approximate time I woke up, and this is where the little orange/red ball is right now:

    alt text

    As of right now, I have been awake for almost 14 hours. So, this makes sense: I'm getting more and more sensitive to light, and I'm getting close to my peak sensitivity. Judging from the way I am feeling right now and the way I have been feeling since I woke up and comparing it to this 'graph, I'd say it's fairly accurate.

    Am I reading it correctly?

    Here's what my copy of f.lux would look like if I were to try to imitate the Recommended Colors for waking up at 6:30 PM (sunrise time is about 6:45 AM):

    alt text


    I'd love to see the time of day indicated throughout the entire graph (that is, where the curves are).

  • Yes, this curve is reasonably accurate for people with self-determined wake times, but that's not most night owls! If you put in your "weekend" wake time, it will make more sense.

    We have a lot more coming to help you understand what's actually going on for you and customize it.

  • But basically the area on the left is the time when light will make your clock earlier, and the are on the right is when you will make your clock later.

    Again, this is not very good for shift work or other people on a shifted schedule.

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