F.lux stable release and W10 Creator's Update.

  • Hello people.
    After testing out the W10 Night light feature and being disappointed with how buggy it is I also encountered a possible W10 Creator's Update issue with the stable release of F.lux. I am not sure, but did tabbing between desktop and a full screen game like Overwatch cause the blue light reduction to be negated for a short moment before the Creator's Update?

  • @Alwiin Thanks for letting us know.

  • Some problem replication. This is what I experience when using either W10 nightlight, Flux Stable or Flux Beta:

    • Night light: I turn it on via schedule and the 'turn' on button. I disable the schedule, the 'turn on' button switches as if it is off (so displaying 'turn on'), but the effect is still active. Tabbing between desktop and fullscreen game disables the effect for a moment. For MS to fix.
      -F.lux v3.12 current stable: Works fine on desktop and in a fullscreen game (Overwatch). Only the effect is very shortly lost during tab in/out.
      -F.lux v4.19 beta: I activate Overwatch, the F.lux effect is negated, also when I tab out or exit game.

    I will continue using the stable release.

  • I'm getting the same. Updated today to Creators Update and now when i go to play games, f.lux gets disabled. Even when we exit the game, we need to restart f.lux in order to get the color temperatures back to "normal".

  • 4.20 may have some fixes for this - it is more aggressive on app switching (but less so otherwise) - restart f.lux and it should update right away

  • Still same thing. Once i alt-tab from a game, f.lux no longer works. If i select "disable for -game name-" then it works on the desktop but the game, of course, get different temperatures.

  • Can you post any GPU/driver information?
    We do know of dual-GPU machines that have been giving trouble this week.

  • Single GTX 1070
    Had driver 378.92 and installed the new one today, 381.65, using DDU. Same on both of them.

  • @ Flux team. I have now tried the 4.20 beta. Alt tabbing to a fullscreen game no longer breaks the F.lux effect constantly. It can happen rarely though, but a second alt tab back and forth resolves it.

  • In my case, it breaks everytime. This is the major issue i'm facing right now with the beta. Haven't played anything in the past week because of that.

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