Any possibility of using automatic geolocation?

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    Windows, at least from 10 onwards has APIs for reading off geolocation information, that as far as I can understand, can also be used in Win32 applications:

    Would it be possible to include an automatic reading of the location so that when I travel between two cities, flux just adjusts the location automatically and does not need me to remember to enter data myself every time?

  • It does use this feature when the location dialog is up, and it works well.

    We could do it a little more frequently, like anytime your IP address changes to something new, but we've tried not to leave it on all the time.

  • @herf Aha, yes, I didn't realise! I hadn't actually travelled, I just have always wished that it was always possible with the previous version.

    But maybe a once a day check in the morning would be worth doing? I sometimes go across 2 time zones and I forget to change the flux location, so I only get reminded when the screen goes yellow a couple of hours after dark...

    Anyway, thanks a lot. That and the HiDPI UI supposed where the two biggest niggles for me.

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