flickering on Surface Pro 4

  • f.lux used to work perfectly on my Surface Pro, but for the past few weeks to a month, it has begun to occasionally flicker on night settings. The most consistency I'm seeing as to what starts it is interacting with some sort of interface and sunset/sunrise transitioning.
    When I adjust the volume it usually happens.
    When I was registering for this site, it would happen whenever I hovered the mouse over an input field (though strangely it is not happening while I create a new topic).
    When I switch between windows, especially through Alt+Tab, it usually happens.
    When I interact with a flash player (e.g. youtube, tumblr, dailymotion).
    It does happen the most at sunset/sunrise, but it also happens at other times during the night.

    Any thoughts?

  • f.lux team

    I recommend first checking the Intel "HD Graphics Control Panel".

    Look under Power > On battery and see if any of these options affect the flickering?

    I think I had to turn some of them off on my laptop after the latest update.

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