Please add an option to turn on night mode any time you want

  • Re: [Suggestion] Add an option to force enable f.lux night mode

    Where I live (high northern latitude, Canada), it's light 4 am to 10 pm in the summer BUT I still need 8 hours of sleep. I still want those last few hours before bed to be in night mode, regardless of what the sun is doing. Same for winter - I don't want night mode to start when the sun sets (4:30 pm). F.lux is currently mid-latitude-centric.

  • Living in Northern Europe, I second this.

  • i came here looking to find out if this is possible, so...

    thank you.

  • f.lux team

  • @herf thanks Herf!

  • @herf Trying the beta now... It seems like the UI is still trying to be too clever and doesn't give me the controls I need. :)

    I don't care how light it's outside, my curtains are down in the evening anyway because up here in the north it's bright all night long in the summer.

    I just want to define the hour when f.lux's sunset begins, regardless of my location. I want to enter "8pm" somewhere and then f.lux would start its sunset at that time, every day, automatically.

    Even better if I could add a condition: if the sunset at my location would start later than 8pm, then start it at 8pm instead. Otherwise use the sunset time from my location.

    Is this possible?

  • Yes, I agree that having the option to set a manual bedtime would be helpful. My daughter uses the computer at times, and she goes to bed much earlier than I do so having the sunset lighting start earlier than sunset to accommodate her would be very helpful. She's already an awful sleeper!!

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