Windows Adaptive Brightness

  • after installing f.lux the Adaptive brightness turned on (i leave it off as i find it extremely annoying) and wont let me turn it off (switched it off, restarted notebook, i go check and its still on) so i wanted to know 2 things:

    .flux is supposed to do that?
    .can i somehow turn it off?

    its annoying that every time im going to watch a video the brightness go up and blinds me.
    if it cant be solved i will have to remove flux till an option is made for that =/

  • f.lux team

    Hmmm... we don't turn it on. There is an Intel feature like this, you could find in the Intel HD control panel (under Power > On Battery and make sure that "Display Power Saving Technology" is disabled, it can have an effect like this. I also detest shifting brightness done poorly!