Windows Adaptive Brightness

  • after installing f.lux the Adaptive brightness turned on (i leave it off as i find it extremely annoying) and wont let me turn it off (switched it off, restarted notebook, i go check and its still on) so i wanted to know 2 things:

    .flux is supposed to do that?
    .can i somehow turn it off?

    its annoying that every time im going to watch a video the brightness go up and blinds me.
    if it cant be solved i will have to remove flux till an option is made for that =/

  • Hmmm... we don't turn it on. There is an Intel feature like this, you could find in the Intel HD control panel (under Power > On Battery and make sure that "Display Power Saving Technology" is disabled, it can have an effect like this. I also detest shifting brightness done poorly!

  • Windows Adaptive Brightness
    Press the Start button, then search for Power Options.
    Edit Plan Settings
    Click on Change plan settings on whichever power plan on or want to change.
    Adjust Adaptive Brightness
    Scroll down till you get to the Display section and click on the plus sign to show the submenus. Now press the plus sign next to Enable adaptive brightness to expose its settings.

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