2 PCs with flux, one has less features

  • I am running two machines both with F.lux however one can use the full range light where as the other always prompts for a restart and wont let you select the lowest settings. in addition to this I have noticed darkroom mode and some other features are not on the menu. The only difference between the machines is the OS, one running Windows 7 (with all the flux features) and the other running XP (the limited version of flux). Could this be why?

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    @robbsnow Let's see, have you unlocked the expanded range on the XP box? It requires a reboot. Anything else you can tell me about the installs / version numbers on both? It should work.

  • Hello Lorna,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Both versions were installed directly from the F.lux website in the last 3 months so should be relativity up to date, the one with the issue would have been installed in the last month. I have tried to expand the range of the XP machine however when rebooting it doesn't seem to change anything and just prompts for another reboot when the program starts.

  • Version 3.12 is what they are both on.

  • Do they both have access to the internet?

  • @TwoCables Yes both machines are connected

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    @robbsnow could you give us some screenshots of the UIs?

  • @robbsnow Either way, you may like to try the beta that's available on the f.lux website, it's got even more features--but maybe you'd like to start with this if you're new.

    Open the registry using the run tool and type "regedit"

    Then do a search for "flux" or "herf" Look for an entry for "gamma" or expanded gamma.

    Then also do a search for, well I forget the registry entry for expanded gamma. Do you have administrator privileges on the account your using f.lux, maybe it's preventing the registry update and not throwing an error.

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    @robbsnow Ahh there it is -- so if you drag the At night: slider all the way to the left on your XP box, do you get a popup asking you to expand the color range?

  • @lorna it prompts for a reboot which i have tried a few times however when the system starts up again no changes have been made.

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    Hmm. Which XP version? Have you tried as admin?

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