Flux interacting badly with every new AMD driver past 17.1.2

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiWuFmn8nJE

    I tried disabling the second monitor, disabling freesync, multiple DDU attempts, adjusting my CPU overclock (even though 48 hours under Prime95 says it's 100% stable). Also tried disabling AMD External Events Utility service, which didn't work and broke my freesync.

    On a whim I remembered that F.lux in the past had some stutter issues here and there. I disabled it, and loe and behold this stutter is completely gone. Not sure if it's a F.lux issue or AMD driver issue, but I posted it here anyhow.

  • Registered to add my voice and say I'm having the exact same issue.

    Absolutely tearing my hair out for days trying to work out what was causing this problem in games, finally disabled a bunch of things and f.lux turned out to be the issue.

    Worth noting that I found it also affects youtube videos in fullscreen mode.

    I love f.lux so I'm really hoping this is fixed, either by f.lux or by AMD.

    EDIT: I'd already tried reinstalling the latest version of f.lux which didn't fix the issue, but I saw just now that there is a NEW WINDOWS BETA! I installed that, and the stuttering issue is GONE!

  • Yeah, the only recommendation I have is, try the new f.lux beta for Windows.

  • As an update, I noticed that the beta version doesn't actually fix Youtube fully, and the way in which the issue manifests for Youtube is odd.

    If I full-screen a video and keep the video focused, it lags. But if I click outside the video window (this is possible even while fullscreen as I have a second monitor I can click into) then the lag completely disappears. So it seems to be very related to whether or not the window has focus.

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