Flux remains after uninstallation

  • So I've uninstalled flux in Windows 10 x64 (AMD video card), and the effect refuses to go away. Just to be clear: I did read the FAQ.

    I've reinstalled it, set it to 6500K permanently, let it run for 2 days, and then uninstalled it again.
    I've confirmed that flux isn't running in the processes list after uninstallation.
    I've gone further, and deleted by hand every instance of it in both my hard drive and in my registry.
    I've calibrated both my displays--separately--in Windows.
    I've scoured Color Management for color profiles, even going so far as to delete the recentish ones. Neither of my monitors have any color profiles associated with them in Color Management, nor does adding a new color profile fix anything.
    I've checked in AMD Radeon Settings for color management settings.

    I've performed most of the above steps several times. This is driving me insane at this point. Like clockwork, at the correct time, my screen fades to 3700K just as if flux was still installed. I can reset the colours (only until I restart) by setting my monitors to "Extend these displays" or by calibrating the colours, but calibrating color isn't possible with mirrored displays (my preference) and 3700K returns as soon as I return to mirrored displays. I can have mirrored displays at 6500K at night, but only if I restart my computer with the monitors set to "extend these displays" and then switch to mirrored after it boots.

    F.lux is free software and doesn't owe me free support, and I appreciated the software while I had it installed: but at this point I just want the effect to go away, and it's looking increasingly likely that I'll be forced to have flux installed but set to 6500K permanently.

    Please help? I'm hoping there's something obvious I'm missing. I might have to reinstall Windows entirely.

  • I'd forgotten to check the startup programs: after some sleuthing, the culprit is RadeonSettings.exe, or "AMD Radeon Settings". The new settings configuration, not the old CCC.

    The problem is still more or less as described above, as I can't find anything in that settings menu that fixes the behaviour. There's a "Color Temperature" slider, but it's set to 6500K. I can drag the slider up to 10000K, but that doesn't fix the screen.

    I've cleanly uninstalled my AMD drivers and software and then reinstalled: I'll have to wait until tonight to see if the problem has been solved.

  • This is incredibly strange - even if f.lux fails for some reason to uninstall it should be prevented from running again on a reboot/login (unless another user is using it).

    I would guess some other software is doing this?

  • So reinstalling Radeon worked for me. Somehow the settings had picked up Flux's features without exposing this in their interface anywhere. It's worth noting that I deleted settings from %APPDATA% and in the registry myself after uninstallation, so I don't know if a simple uninstall/reinstall would fix anything.

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