How to Re-Open it

  • This may sound dumb but when I exit flux I cant find the way to reopen it without using the installer to automatically open it for me.

  • You should have a shortcut to it in the Start menu. If not, then you will find the .exe here:


    If you don't have a shortcut to it in the Start menu, then you would go to this folder and just make shortcut copy of it. Then you'd put that shortcut anywhere you want.

  • @wPEclipse Open your start menu, and go to "Programs" at the bottom. Look for a folder called f.lux.

    Click that folder, and when you see the program name, with it's icon, right click and choose "Pin to Taskbar". This will put it on your taskbar, by default it will be at the bottom of the screen, but I strongly prefer mine to the side.

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