Daylight savings time revisited -- I believe it is not working still

  • Re: Daylight Saving Adjustment

    So I have f.lux installed on Linux Mint 18.2 on a Dell Latitude laptop 16GB and a nice fast ssd drive. I do all my work on this computer. I have used f.lux in the past on MacOX, Windows 7 etc. But I notice that, in our region (Mountain Standard Time or Mountain Daylight Time MST/MDT, GMT-7/6). In our region we changed from standard time to daylight savings time on March 11, 2017. On the next day, f.lux was switching to a brighter mode, daylight mode, precisely 1 hour before the sun rose.The operating system, Linux 4.4.0-53-generic #74-Ubuntu, had correctly switched the clock ahead on that day. So my only conclusion is that f.lux did not internally adjust for the daylight savings time switch in our region.
    I have some programming experience myself, and I wonder about the internal mechanism f.lux uses to sense when daylight savings time comes into effect. How does it know what date to use for my region?

    PS My f.lux latitude setting is 53.5111

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