No corner icon?

  • I'm running Windows 10. I just installed and reinstalled f.lux a few times. I don't have any icon in the corner. It asks me to restart for new color features or something and upon restarting I get a popup in the lower right asking for my zip code. Once I enter my zip code it accepts it then the icon and the popup disappear. The third time and fourth time I installed it I ran the install as an administrator and it didn't fix it. A google search found this thread in your support forum so I tried following those instructions. The program isn't anywhere in my task manager (though I do have start up options for the program, set to enabled) and terminating and restarting explorer.exe didn't fix the issue either. When I checked in the app data folder I found I don't have a 'flux.exe file'. The only contents of that folder are 'uninstall.exe' and a folder called 'runtime' that contains two files named 'Calibri(some numbers).ytf and flux.psd and flux.tre. Oddly, the fourth time I installed and subsequently restarted, it seemed to break my connection to my modem. I couldn't even type in the modem's address to access my modem configuration. My other computer, which utilizes wifi could access the modem and the internet just fine, while my computer, which has a wired connection, couldn't. I had to uninstall the program and then restart my modem to connect. (so now I don't have any files) That could be unrelated, my modem is ancient, but I felt it was worth adding since I've never encountered that problem. I don't have any programs set to run on startup except Steam and Windows Defender, and I didn't have anything open besides my browser and windows explorer when installing.

    Anyway, this seems like pretty cool software, I just wish I could use it.

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