Can't set night to minimum temperature

  • In the night setting, I can only set it as low as 1200k. With Alt-PgDn, I can go down to 1126k, which is MUCH more appealing. The problem then, is that as soon as I go below 1200k via hotkeys, it says "Dimming until sunrise". I noticed the issue at first trying to figure out why when clicking the curve and doing the 24hr simulation, nothing was visibly changing at all until I hotkey'd it back up to 1200k. Then it occurred to me that running at 1126k will stay that way until sunrise, and then instantly ramp up to the sunrise temperature, then max, then ramp back down to 1200k,.

    It would't seem like it should be much, but 1126 vs 1200 is a huge difference.

  • @Vaelek When I dim my screen this much, it's much harder to read. Everything is very faded, and I have to increase the font size a good bit. I think, on my desktop monitor, that the dimming levels don't show me a noticeable change in color tone. For reference, I have a Ben Q, VA panel monitor. VA panels are said to have a high contrast ratio, hopefully making darker black levels, and increasing the contrast in dark areas. I thought this might help when dimming but everything still seems just darker.

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