Ctrl+1-5 disables Flux

  • I don't actually need support (I can use my workaround), but I came across this weird little thing (and couldn't find it in a search) so I figured I'd post it.

    While flux is actively doing its thing, pressing a key combination of ctrl+1-5 stops it and you have to click on the tray icon to make it work again. (Win 10; Tested on Eng US QWERTY, Eng US DVORAK, Eng UK)

  • Changed topic to actually reflect issue to hopefully get even one reply.

  • I think we did dimming controls for connected lighting using keys like this. In v3 if you have not done "expand range" it might do something like this.

    Mostly we are working on fixing every bug in v4 right now, since v3 is nearly 4 years old!

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