No Philips Hue connection

  • f.lux is one of my must have tools on Pc, I love it! But I can't get the app connect to my Philips Hue Bridge. It doesn't beep, it doesn't show a visual notifier. My Bridge doesn't blink as usual. Nothing.

    Any Ideas?

    Both, my computer and bridge are connected to the router through ethernet. Any ideas? I would love to have that option so much!!!

    Windows 10 pro, f.lux v3.12, bridge firmware 01036659, Philips Lightstrips+

  • yes it will work in the new version.....soon. sorry!

  • @herf Thank you! looking forward.

  • @herf
    I got the "beeping": on the computer, and appeared to make the connection to the Hue bridge.. but unfortunately, there seem to be no additional controls/options to actually adjust the Hue lights. Nor does f.lux seem to actually talk to them (when I try movie or darkroom mode, I don't observe any changes in the Hue bulbs....).

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  • @jaybookbinder If you have updated your Hue system in the last 6 months, it won't have paired and won't work.

    Also, in this version do movie or darkroom mode, because we have to assume you have Hue lights in another room from your computer (so we only do the basic schedule).

  • @herf
    Thanks for the quick response. I understand that darkroom and movie mode wont work (and that makes sense). But I was confused by the first part of the response. My Hue system is less than a week old, as I just bought and set it up. Does that mean that f.lux will not work with it? Are there plans to update the f.lux software to control the hue lights? That would be fantastic, since f.lux is a great product. Do you have an approximate timeframe?

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