Transition speed settings [ suggestion & question ]

  • I'll combine the two, so the question should make it obvious what the suggestion is.
    So I've seen a few threads mentioning instant transition (or other transition speeds).
    My question is, why haven't you allowed the user to choose whatever speed they like? Even if it's locked away by a "You understand what you're doing" message box... I don't see why I wouldn't be able to choose my own preferred speed. To me, this limitation feels the same as if you limited me to only 2 lighting settings (red and not red). So I'm genuinely curious, why don't we have this option.

    I'd personally would love instant transition speed, I don't care for smoothness because that smoothness causes lag. The lag isn't terrible but it's annoying.

    Thank you.

  • They explained this somewhere and I remember that the explanation made perfect sense, however I would say we don't have to worry about it anymore because in my limited talks with the team they have said the new version should have everything we all have been asking for on this forum for the past couple of years (including this). Whether that's true does remain to be seen of course, but they have been working extremely hard on the new version for a very long time now, and they are hoping to finish it this year and they are extremely pumped about the new version.

    Keep in mind though that the f.lux team really only consists of two people who are freely volunteering their personal time on this project, and one of these 2 people doesn't do any of the coding or programming (but this person is still very very very involved in every step of the way). So, unlike other programs out there that have a big team behind it dedicated to the program and being paid to work on it every day, f.lux is very much like depending on a buddy of yours to work on it and keep it updated who already has a busy personal life on top of it.

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