Freezes and Restarts when doing a powerpoint presentation via LCD projector

  • I am a university instructor. I use my laptop for powerpoint presentation. Unfortunately, for my last three sessions since I installed f.lux, my laptop would always crash during my lecture-presentation. It disrupts my lecture. Can you help me solve this issue because I don't want to uninstall f.lux totally? Btw, I have the latest Radeon software. My laptop is Samsung ATIV Book 9. Thanks.

  • The only thing you can do is get in the habit of completely exiting out of f.lux before you start. This won't make it stop starting with Windows automatically, so this is safe to do.

    You can also try turning on f.lux's built-in Safe Mode feature, or you can try "Disable for one hour", but it can be just as fast to right-click the f.lux icon and choose "Exit f.lux".

  • Thank you very much. I am going to try this in my next lecture. I hope it will work.

  • You're welcome! If f.lux's Safe Mode or 'Disable' doesn't work, then you'll have to just exit f.lux.

  • @wilsonangelo Also, maybe it's Powerpoint? Have you tried LibreOffice Presentation?

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