f.lux causing audio glitches when working with audio

  • I dabble in audio production - my main DAW is Sonar Platinum. I've used f.lux for a long time without problems, but over the last few months have been experiencing intermittent pops and clicks during audio production, even when my overall CPU usage is quite low and by rights I should not be hearing these glitches. I almost went mad trying to get to the bottom of it, experimenting with different drivers for my Radeon HD 7750 and even reseating the card in a different slot. Nothing seemed to work, until on a whim I turned off f.lux and hey presto, no more glitches.

    Very disappointed that something which should be a fairly unobtrusive app is imposing itself on my system in such a negative way. I ended up having to switch to SunsetScreen, which has the option to disable "check for screen interruption" - this allows me to enjoy the muted screen colors without any audio glitches.

    Doing some research I've found that other people have experienced similar problems, not just with audio but with things like games as well. Are there any plans to fix this issue? I'd much rather use f.lux than SunsetScreen but for the time being I have no choice.

  • @sharke UPDATE: I now find out that there is a "safe mode" which stops these glitches. However, I really think f.lux should come with more of a warning to users that it may affect things like graphic or audio work. Last night I posted this tip on a few audio production Reddits and the response was overwhelming. I got almost 100 replies, many from people saying they've been tearing their hair out trying to get to the bottom of these audio glitches. They can send you mad if you work with audio, and f.lux isn't the most obvious cause to people who have installed it and forgotten about it.

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