Change daytime color?

  • I've seen a couple old posts asking about this, but I don't see any updates - is it possible to adjust the daytime color as well as the nighttime color?

    I work in a windowless room, so my lighting is always fluorescent. In the Windows app I know you can set your daytime color to be fluorescent, but that doesn't seem to be possible in the fluxgui linux app that I downloaded from github. Is there a way to do it with the command line tool? If not, does anybody know an easy way to look up a time zone where night time encompasses my working hours?

  • I would like to see this added; also, were not interested in a GUI give us a command line option.

  • @mquiles start "xflux" from the command line, and do xflux -h or similar and you'll find the commands.

    You can use

    xflux -l 12300 -t 6000:2700

    to rune flux with different daytime color, and your preferred nighttime color.

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