F.lux not working on external monitors that are connected to notebook via docking station

  • Hello, I have a Toshiba notebook, which is connected to a docking station. I have two monitors attached to the docking station (i.e. not directly to the notebook).

    On the notebook's display, f.lux works correctly, but it does not work on the 2 external monitors. Few weeks ago, I had these 2 monitors connected to a desktop PC, which had f.lux installed - and everything worked great. Once I attached these 2 monitors to the notebook (through docking station), f.lux stopped working on these 2 monitors.

    Can someone help me with this issue? I will gladly provide any additional info you might need.

  • @Hllrn , I am having the same problem...new laptop, 2 monitors connected by a docking staion. F.lux is no longer working. I'm sure there are others that have not chimed in yet, so if anyone has an answer, TIA!

  • Follow-up: May have found the answer here: http://support.displaylink.com/forums/287786-displaylink-feature-suggestions/suggestions/9480393-support-flux-by-allowing-color-calibration

    Displaylink software often used in docking stations (where your monitors are connected) seems to be the issue. F.lux is not supported. In my case, Startech is the docking station manufacturer. There are surely others, including Dell, using Displayink software too. Displaylink says they are working on it. I signed up for Displaylink forum updates via above link. But for now, no f.lux support from Displaylink, and I'm resorting to UVEX wrap-around safety glasses.

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