What happens if I record my screen while f.lux is on??

  • I'm working on some videos that involve recording my computer screen, and I was wondering what happens if I record at night with f.lux on...

    Will the video get recorded with the f.lux colors or with the original colors?

  • I don't know. Change your Daytime setting and record a bit to see what happens.

  • I've had my sister do a stream and others watching noticed the color change when F.lux was on. I'm not sure if all recording software will record the same (as I think theres different methods of recording your screen) but record a video and watch it after disabling F.lux as TwoCables suggested.

  • Yes, it does affect the tint color in the recorded video. You can right-click on the f.lux icon and disable f.lux for a period of time.

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