2x Feature request - permanent brightness dimming + dynamic brightness dimming

  • Hi, have been using f.lux for years and I just love it. I really do, and I install it on every computer I happen to use :-)

    I have discovered today the brightness feature (ALT+Pg-up/pg-dn) which is outstanding for my personal PC as I have a DELL all-in-one and the minimum brightness I can set on the screen is far too high. Until I was tweaking the Intel driver reducing gamma and setting other weitd parameters which affected the picture quality. This F.lux feature seems to be exactly what I was looking for instead.

    On this very topic I would like to suggest:

    • Can the brightness (dimming) setting be made permanent on a daily basis and not one-off until Sunrise? With perhaps an option to apply during the day/night or both

    • Can the brightness be dynamic based on e.g. periodic inputs from the webcam?

    Many thanks for the great software!!

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