Flux not working in movie screen

  • When a movie screen is open then Flux doesn't soften the light. It doesn't matter what the format is of the movie, mpeg etcetera. I use windows media player and media player classic. Is there a setting in the registry to get flux to work in movie screens. It works ok in programs with photo's.

  • I just tested it on my computer and it works fine with windows media player, .avi and f.lux.
    I don't think there is a way not to work, because f.lux is changing directly the monitor colors(gamma colors), it is not a color filter.
    Maybe if the entire screen goes more blueish it is a problem with f.lux, but it is not possible only the movie screen to be blueish. :)

  • Yes it is possible for a movie screen to be blueish while the rest of the screen is darker because of flux.
    I could prove it with a cell phone but not with a screenphoto with a program like ScreenPrint.

    With media player classic I found a solution to have the movie screen darker with flux:
    go to media player classic \ options \ output \ instead of 'overlay mixer' which is the default, choose for wmr 9.
    Then it showes a darker movie screen. Strange that it doesn't work with the default 'overlay mixer'.
    Cannot make it work with windows media player.

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