Sleeping Later and Later

  • Is F-lux still working when i watch netflix?

  • @EyeForSucces said in Sleeping Later and Later:

    Is F-lux still working when i watch netflix?

    Yes, if you have f.lux set to warm up the color temperature at sunset and if you're watching Netflix at or after sunset. F.lux doesn't auto-detect anything and disable itself.

    F.lux by itself cannot fix a person's sleeping habits or their circadian rhythm. It just makes it a little easier for you to fix it yourself by enabling you to keep using your computer after sunset with minimal disruption to your body's system. F.lux is a small part of the big picture of what you must do to have a healthy circadian rhythm. Without f.lux, you would have to stop using the computer after sunset completely and do something like go read a book by a nice warm-colored dim light.

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