Flickering Mouse

  • I am on a 32bit pc running Windows 7 enterprise and just installed f.lux but now my mouse cursor is flickering. Has anyone else seen this?

  • I haven't seen this reported yet, but I think a possible solution is enabling Pointer Trails via the Registry so that we can make it look like they're not even enabled.

    What you do is, you navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse. Then, double-click "MouseTrails" in the right-hand pane and change its value to either -1 or 99, and then log out of Windows and log back in. They should both have the same result, but try both just in case one is better somehow.

    If this doesn't fix it, then I wouldn't know what else to recommend.

  • My colleague had this too, f.lux was constantly using cpu and the cursor was flickering between arrow and hourglass. Couldn't figure out why but had to uninstall to fix.

  • Bump for this same issue on windows 7 x64. It seems to only happen when I enable the wider color range but it is immediately annoying as the mouse icon flickers rapidly between loading and regular. I worked around it by changing the mouse icon for 'background loading' to just the standard pointer, so while the mouse may actually be changing between 'normal' and 'background loading' it looks the same and doesn't flicker.

  • I recall this was solved by completely uninstalling, then reinstalling with admin rights. I appreciate this isn't always possible though.

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