f.lux going on and off in Netflix app

  • Hi,

    I recently updated my Oneplus 3 to the latest OxygenOS 4.0.2 build running Android Nougat (7.0). F.lux seems to be working fine on any other app but Netflix, I'm assuming it's a DRM kind of thing? Although this bug was non-existent under Android 6, to my knowledge.

    1. Open Netflix app
    2. Start a random video
    3. F.lux looks like it's doing its work for 1 sec or 2, then goes off. It sometimes finds its way back on for a few seconds during the video then gets killed again.

    Do you experience the same behavior on your devices? Is there a workaround?


  • I've been having the same issue for a while now, running Resurrection Remix on my Oneplus 3t.

    So far I haven't found a workaround or a fix except disable flux until I'm done with netflix and then reboot my phone to enable it again or it flickers as if I was still on netflix

  • Thanks for your reply, same behavior under Android 7.1.1 for any DRM content (Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video and such). I've been using the stock "night mode" myself instead of f.lux for a while now...
    Arguably not a good replacement, but a convenient one at least.

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