Changing/Automatically Setting Location when you're not in Freedom land (America)

  • Hi I live in Australia and recently downloaded the F.lux program for my desktop, I think it's an excellent idea. The only problem is it does not know my location/time. I have tried to set it automatically but it won't accept any post codes or anything for Australia. I assume it only does America because that's what is in the example. I also saw a reddit post of someone with a similar problem not on desktop on their phone though, they were able to get it working but had to go in their phones location services. I have been to my windows 10 location settings and everything is all good to go. There just isn't enough options for this on the desktop app. I need to tell it my location but the only place to enter locations says to go away if your not a freedom-eagle American. Please respond/help/add this feature. Thankyou and goodbye, have a nice day :space_invader:

  • You can enter your latitude and longitude.

  • you da best man you did it.

  • Nice. I'm glad it worked!

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