wrong colour

  • When i first got flux it was a lovely golden brown. Now the brown does not appear; but patches of the page, such as the top bar and various boxes are pink and the pink gets pinker as the night goes on. I have been to the settings and according to that the colour is perfect. Help please - and make it simple. for a non techi

  • Hi @Artemis, can you tell us the version of Windows you're using?

    Most of the problems we see with color are a result of problems with video drivers, which tend to be updated (and sometimes downgraded) often by the operating system itself.

    The first thing to try is rebooting.

    If that does not seem to help you'll want to look for an update to your video drivers, which I promise is easier than it sounds. Here is a step by step for Windows 7: www.wikihow.com/Update-Your-Video-Card-Drivers-on-Windows-7

  • Thank flux, I am on Windows 7. Exactly what re-booting do you mean ? This happens every time the evening comes around, however many times I have closed down and opened up again.

  • @Artemis Are you using an external monitor? Can you give us some details there? Any luck updating drivers?

  • External monitor ??

    I have just opened in Firefox and the delicate brown colour is there as it should be. Very relaxing

    I have not had a go at updating drivers, it is rather late at night here, and I am tired !!

  • @Artemis OK, thanks for letting us know. If you have further problems please follow the link above to check for a video driver update.

  • I spoke too soon - the pink is back Someone does not like me. I think I will go to bed.....

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