Unwanted extra dimming

  • I've been using it for a few weeks now. Really helps the eyes! But a while ago when I was using the key command for an accented e (é) it caused the screen to dim too much. Like a dummy, I tried it again and got an even dimmer screen. I could barely see the settings on the user interface to turn it off.

    My question: Must one refrain from using special character codes to keep from interfering with f.lux?

  • Alt+Page Down and Alt+Page Up changes the f.lux brightness. So, turn the Num Lock on. If it's off, then you will also be sending Alt+Page Down.

  • I'll take that as a "no" .


  • @Suzuko804 said in Unwanted extra dimming:

    I'll take that as a "no" .


    Oh oops lol you're right! I am indeed saying "no". I apologize for that.

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