Difficulties in brightness setting on a secondary display

  • Hi,
    I'm running f.lux on a laptop with Linux (Ubuntu) and I'm having two problems.
    First and most important one, I'm no longer able to set the brightness of my secondary display. I have been using xrandr (because Ubuntu GUI only allows me to set the brightness of my laptop screen) but now it seems that f.lux overrides xrandr commands instead of setting itself according to the brightness that I set with xrandr (as I would like it to do and as it actually does on the laptop screen). What can I do?
    On the second hand, I would like to reduce blue light radiations during daytime as well, so I would like to set a daytime temperature and a nighttime one. On Windows I can do that but, with the Linux version, the GUI asks me to set only one of the two (the nighttime one, I guess). Is there a way to do that also in Linux?
    Thanks in advance!

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