No development updates in over six months

  • Seriously what gives? We've received nothing in terms of updates or just plain announcements. Has the project been scrapped or what?

  • We are mostly waiting for non-root APIs in Android.

  • No releases means no evolution. Because of that f.lux just feels dead. And the current state is NOT working fine. So there is no reason for waiting.

  • @maxee we hear that. f.lux for Android is still very much in development. Our primary focus is on shipping Windows right now: as a two person team we don't always ship cross platform releases in parallel.

  • @lorna Hi, I'm using f.lux daily, like many, on each of my devices at home and at work.
    I hear that you have limited resources, do you have plans of opening up to contributions by any chance? I'd be more than happy to help on my free time and contribute the best I can to help you out. I'm sure many of us developers would love that.
    Is there a way? Maybe you don't want to give away your main dimming algorithm, and that's totally fair since other options are rubbish, afaik. But couldn't you branch out the rest and let us help with UX/UI, Android and other platforms integration and whatnot? You name it, you merge it! Or am I just being naive right now?

    Certainly, the question's been asked before, it's not in your FAQ though so I'm giving it a try :)

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