f.lux flashes every few minutes

  • I've been using f.lux for a bit over 2 weeks. For the first week I used it, it was working completely fine without any problems. Rrecently, one particular issue keeps occurring. When I turn f.lux on at night, the screen will turn a yellow-ish tint as it is supposed to (3400K), but after a few minutes, it will suddenly flash back to how it is during the day (6500K). Sometimes, the yellow-ish tint will return almost instantly afterward (goes back to 3400K immedaitely), but only to flash back to the bright screen (6500K) a few minutes later. Other times, it will simply remain in 6500K after the sudden change (despite it being night time), and when I click into the flux program, it will correct itself. Could anyone help me figure out what is going on? It feels like the program is going idle every few minutes, but I don't think that's exactly what's happening.

  • You may have something else fighting f.lux. It might be something that's installed, or it may be a setting you have in your display driver's control panel, who knows.

  • Just to confirm: I have this too. Ran f.lux for over 3 years, no issues. Since about two days it keeps dimming back to normal colours for about 2s, then switching immediately to tinted again. Windows 10, f.lux 3.12, hugely annoying thing. It happens even with windows idling and almost no background apps. Can't find what causes it...

  • Then you guys have the experimental Windows 10 blue light filter installed. I think it installs via Windows Update, and I don't know if it can be uninstalled. I don't have Windows 10, but I recommend checking to see how to uninstall updates that were installed so that you can see if this blue light filtering update is in there and if it can be removed.

  • Shouldn't have it, since I am not on the beta/insider/fastring versions....

  • @D-Fence said in f.lux flashes every few minutes:

    Shouldn't have it, since I am not on the beta/insider/fastring versions....

    According to an article I just saw, if you have it, then you can control it here:

    Settings > System > Display

    That's all I know so far.

  • Nope, not there. Interestingly, now f.lux is suddenly behaving again since 15 minutes. It's random as it gets :)

  • I have same issue. I noticed that it started when Lenovo Setting app got new Night Mode. It persuade me to start using it everyday. I will try to remove/load older version, maybe will help.

  • See, that's what I'm saying: something is fighting f.lux for the color setting.

  • Unninstaled Lenovo Settings, reboot, and no flashing flux anymore.

  • Had same problem on Windows 10, Insider Preview build 14986.rs_prerelease.161202-1928 with f.lux 3.12. I'm on the slow ring, so the blue light filter hasn't been added to the OS yet.

    I had Lenovo Settings installed (which just prompted me about their new Night Mode). It was disabled, but I still had screen flickering. Uninstalling Lenovo Settings and rebooting solved my problem, as @Maaiq suggested. Thanks!

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