flux.exe goes missing in windows 10

  • I've searched the forum, and the faq, but no one seems to have this problem:

    flux.exe disappears from the folder: c:\users<my user name>\appdata\local\flux software\flux
    after installing it (and even before rebooting).

    This means I can no longer call up flux to temporarily disable for an hour, etc. The icon is missing from my notification bar.

    My specs:
    HP Spectre x360 13-w018TU
    Win 10 Education 64 bit

    I've disabled my antivirus (Trend micro), and Windows defender before installing flux, so it can't be due to antivirus. I've glso updated to the latest Intel graphics drivers for my Intel HD 620.

    Would appreciate some help. Thanks!

  • Windows 10 Education? Is this a computer that's actually school property? It may be locked down so that you can't make any changes.

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