Raspbian support?

  • Hi, I know it's already been asked (here and there) but is f.lux available in a Raspberry Pi version? Anything in the pipeline? That would be great.
    Awesome software by the way, thank you f.lux team!

  • @brnbsprt Well you definitely cannot say f.lux doesn't work on ARM hardware--they've gotten it to work on both iOS since 5.5.1 I think, something like that, or 5.1.1. Then Android was next, and that's been tough because it's much more complicated to root android than to jailbreak a device that doesn't have 100 variations. Both use ARM CPUs, so I do hope they won't have much trouble getting it to work on the Raspberry Pi--oh and they have a linux version already, so they are very close.

  • Ok, I'll bide my time then. Thank you for the insight!

  • Is there any updates on this?

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