Deploy flux by GPO

  • Hello here !

    I'm using f.lux for 3 years now, and it's awesome.

    I'm working as computer technician in a French Company and some user ask me to do something for the blue light of their Screen, so i think to your soft ;)

    The Problem is, i want to deploy it by GPO and scrypt if possible. Can we Launch the f.lux installer with silence Options or preconfig stuff

    Kind regards.

  • This is very interesting, I'd also like to configure an installer! Set location, and a different white point etc.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Well, i think that's just impossible. F.lux doest fit for companies. The Problem is that i don't find any other solution on the web..

  • @Skiki f.lux is currently difficult to deploy on a big networked group, but the team is working on that, and about five other very separate projects. The real problem is overhead lighting does not change to induce relaxation, which I actually find helps me continue working at night. I took a night class and would get really fatigued and didn't want to keep working after about an hour, of a 1-1/2 class.

    I brought in a regular desk lamp to light up my area and it made all the difference. Before, it was as if the lights were yelling at me to keep working and forcing me to stay alert, strongly against my will. With the calm, predictable incandescent light, it was very relaxing, and I actually enjoyed that extra 30 minutes after I would usually get tired.

    I'm sure it affects everyone different, but until many people react poorly to current lighting like I do, then 4100K fluorescent tubes are here to stay until they burn out again.

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