Android 4.4.4

  • Hello!
    First time using F.lux. Have yet to use on my windows laptop but trying f.lux out for this tablet. in the page ( say that it works well on android 5.x +.
    however, this tablet i am currently using seem to not support f.lux, as the program does not seem to work as intended (screen does not change even with changed preference/screen settings. location has been turned on and has found my location? coordinates? not sure about that. only sure that it has found me).
    I would love the help on this issue. would be sad, though, if f.lux doesn't support android 4.x lower, this isn't quite an ancient tablet anyway >_>.

  • 4.4.4 works only with a particular Qualcomm chip, and the compatible/slow 'compositor' mode works on 5.x and higher.

    I developed the 4.x support on a Nexus 4, where it does work.

  • @herf thanks for the reply! this tablet i am using is a Samsung brand (forgot the model/series). i'm assuming that is not supported?

  • I think Samsung was entirely using their own GPU back then, so I guess it isn't Qualcomm...

  • @herf thank you for the reply. appreciate it.
    and yes i think that is true. I tried with all the different color drivers and none seems to work. ah, what a shame. definitly will use for my windows laptop.
    thanks for the support and good luck with f.lux!
    Have a nice day.

  • @hachoo Is the tablet rooted? Does f.lux say "could not get root access"?

  • @herf I have a rooted Fairphone 1 with a PowerVR SGX544 286 MHz GPU running Android Kitkat 4.4.2 (soon 4.4.4). Could you look into it and try to make f.lux available for that GPU?

    I'm open to testing beta versions on my phone, as well as sending you log output.

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