Wake/sleep schedule instead of sunrise/sunset?

  • Hello. I really appreciate what f.lux does. However, the sunrise/sunset schedule is inconvenient. My bedtime and wake-up time don't change, but sunrise and sunset do. Plus, in the winter, the sun sets before 5pm here. That's more than 6 hours before I go to bed. Right now I just have my location set to Alaska (though I live in Maryland) to get the sleep time right and every morning I click "Disable for one hour." Can you add a feature to set a wake/sleep schedule rather than following the sun? Thanks!


  • I literally just came here to make exactly the same feature request.

    I enjoyed f.lux all summer, but the further we get into winter the more intrusive it becomes. I still go to bed at the same hour, but if I use f.lux now, my laptop goes dim about four hours sooner than it should. As much as I like the 1200K setting at night, it's barely usable when I have the lights on in whatever room I'm using - which is basically every evening after work at this time of year.

    The sunrise/sunset tracking is a neat idea in theory, but it has nothing to do with how I wake and sleep, or with how I use my laptop.

    So now I'm trying to hack around it by setting a bogus latitude (equatorial, so sunrise/sunset won't change over the year) and longitude (so sunset will happen at the appropriate clock time). That should get consistent behavior in the evenings but it's probably also going to be a nuisance on the rare occasion that I use my laptop in the morning.

    If I could just tell f.lux to go dim around 9pm and back to full brightness around 5am, that'd be perfect.

  • +1 for custom schedule ! I am also in a place where the sun sets before 5pm, but regardless of this, I want f.lux to go dim 1-2 hours before I go to bed, not when the sun goes to bed.

    It feels like this great idea that is missing a simple feature. Maybe I'm the one missing something but in today's reality, I feel like most people schedule don't really match the sun.

    Anyways, hopefully this is something you guys can implement in the future !

    Thanks !

  • I was an early adopter in 2009. I discovered this shortly after the program was released when I was having sleep/insomnia issues and it was affecting my work. But either the 2009/10 or 10/11 winter I just had to uninstall this because having to disable it every hour for four hours a day was becoming way to burdensome for the benefit I thought I was getting.

    Having recently read about photosensitive retinal ganglion cells being discovered that are believed to be directly influenced by blue light to influence our sleep patterns, I decided to re-install this.

    Again, this scheduling is a MAJOR problem. It gets dark here at 4:30 PM. Every hour from 4:30 to 10:00 I have to "Disable for an hour".

    This feature should be easy to implement. Just override the function that determines the state of the sun given location and time, and allow the user to hard code a sunrise and sunset time. I honestly can't imagine this would take much more than a few lines of code.

    Thank you for making this, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE implement this feature.

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