Simple permanent on off switch for flux please?

  • In windows xp service pack 2 flux doesn't stop functioning when shutting it down with the system tray, notification area. I put the right mouse button on the icon in the system tray and choose exit flux, the flux icon dissapears, but the program is still working. You can see that in the taskmanager, it is still there....when I close it in the taskmanager it keeps on working. On an other computer with service pack 3 this all works very well.

    I wouldn't mind to have flux working all the time, but there isn't a simple permanent on off switch, it only works for 1 hour. At the moment I use the sliders and set them to 6500k to shut it off. Or is there another trick?

  • Is it possible that an older version of flux works better with windows xp service pack 2?

    I noticed the following with flux v3.10 and windows xp service pack 2:
    When closing flux it keeps open, that can be seen in the taskmanager. When opening again than another flux is being shown in the taskmanager and again and again. So there could be more versions showing in the taskmanager. When closing one of the latest versions than all the previous versions are kept being shown in the taskmanager. But when closing only the first version then all versions dissapear in the taskmanager.

  • I just tested it with service pack 3 on the same computer and the problems are the same. So it looks like it has something to do with flux or other software.

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