how does Google's take on f.lux compare to the genuine article?

  • In the latest version of Android, there is a f.lux like feature/mode available, I was hoping someone from f.lux could tell us how it differs from actual f.lux. Is it a copy, is it worse? I wish they would just allow f.lux to run without a big fuss (rooting)

  • Night Light on Android Nougat has fewer features than f.lux, but it works really well.

    For starters, with Night Light, you don't get to choose the warmth of the tint. On my Nexus 6P, the tint appears to be roughly equivalent to that of f.lux at 3400K, but I have no way to know the exact color temperature. You can set it to a custom schedule or sunset-to-sunrise, but you can't tweak the transition. There is an option to dim the backlight when Night Light is on. (It's worth noting that Night Light is no longer available on the Nexus 6P unless you're using a custom ROM with backported Pixel features, or you use an old Developer Preview build. Google made the controversial decision to take the feature out and make it a Pixel exclusive.)

    CF.lumen has more granular settings than f.lux for rooted users, but f.lux is easier to set up.

  • CF.lumen requires an internet connection for its location feature, so it's quite inferior to all other apps.

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