Startup options?

  • Is there a way I can have the app auto-start at logon minimized? I listed the binary in the run key in the registry and it does launch, but I would like it minimized. Many apps include a "-minimized' parameter. Tried that and it looked to not work.

  • It does this by default, so I think you broke it by messing with things too much. Just uninstall it and re-install it, set your location and you should be good to go. You don't have to do anything else. It will start with Windows automatically and it will be minimized as long as you have set your location.

  • @TwoCables
    oh weird . Ok will do

  • @deinck said in Startup options?:


    You're welcome.

    So yeah, just install it, set your location and leave it. There's no need to do anything else.

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