Flickering with external wireless Monitor or Dock

  • Hi, I've been using f.lux for several years now and never had a problem with it, but since last week I suddenly have two.
    At work I got a new USB3 Dell Doking Station and I also bought a Windows Wireless Display Adapter. When connected to either one of these devices all I get when using flux is a strange flickering on my internal laptop display, that looks like f.lux is transitioning back and forth from day to night mode. The external displays do not change their color temperature at all.

  • If this is an unknown issue, is there any possibility to debug f.lux? I would love to provide more information.

  • I'm actually having the same problem with my work set up. Two monitors are hooked up to my laptop. 1 works perfectly (connected via DVI) and the other (connected via my USB3.0 to DVI adaptor), flux does not work.

    I hope there's a solution that allows flux to extend through a USB port. It would be great.

  • f.lux team

    The flickering is fixed in the new build (https://justgetflux.com/)
    It doesn't yet help with USB-connected displays.


  • Great!!! :relaxed: i can confirm that. Any info on when miracast and usb connected devices will work?

  • f.lux team

    It's possible that the beta coming soon will have a way to do this. :)


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