What happened if my laptop screen is not calibrated at 6500K before using f.lux?

  • I got a new alienware laotop that the color temperature of the screen is nearly 7400k, which means if I set the f.lux at default 6500k i am actually watching a screen at 7400k, do I need to do some compensation while setting the f.lux ? Say setting 5000k when daylight and 2800K at night?

  • I think it's ok; it doesn't have to be accurate. Almost no one is looking at the exact color temperature that's set in f.lux due to variances in color accuracy between monitors and laptop displays. You will still be able to successfully filter out all of the alerting/stimulating light, so it's all good. The color temperature number that you see in f.lux is really just a reference point for you so that you can go back to settings that you know you like.

  • @bamboo5700 I would set daylight setting to at least 5700K, to get rid of some of the bluer tint if it doesn't come out looking pink. If it does, then I'd try to find an ICC profile with extra green in it to compensate for the high spike in the almost purplish blue. You can see it on the "Fluxometer".

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