F.lux blinking/flickering

  • Really annoying problem I have been having for a while now on version 3.10. My specs (lenovo y700) are Geforce gtx 960m with newest driver, intel core i5-6300HQ 2.30 GHz and 8 gig ram. This problem is very frequent when having two minimized windows up at once. Let's say I'm doing school work and I have word open and a source on the internet (both minimized) where I write from, then one of the screens will be white or flicker. This also happens in chrome in fields where I write for example usernames, passwords etc. I'm been googling all over and nothing. I see other threads in here where people are having the same problem. And nothing. And on top of that it randomly flickers infrequently when I'm on my computer, but that I can't reproduce.
    This renders flux useless so hopefully there will be someone out there with some suggestion how to fix this or the f.lux guys will fix this. Thanks in advance.

  • @potato FIXED:

    I updated my Intel VGA Driver for Windows 10 and now it works perfectly. If you have lenovo and have the same problem try to go on the lenovo support page, select your model and then download the newest driver. Worked for me :)