What is 'When do you wake up" used for?

  • What is 'When do you wake up" used for? I entered a time and I don't know what should be happening at that time.

  • @THenrich F.lux would like to know when you start your day so that it can make a guess as to when you should be asleep.

  • Well.. I gave it a time an hour after I usually wake up and at the time I woke up, F.lix wasn't running. So it seems this setting is not helping me telling it when it should stop running. ie; when I wake up.

    Plus how is this setting related to the sunrise time based on the location. Does wake up time override sunrise time.

    Is there documentation for Android version?

  • @THenrich F.lux wants to know when you start your day so it can gauge how many hours after sunset it's O.K. for you to stay up, to the limit of you being able to still wake up at your "wake up" time.

  • I don't understand what you said.

    I know Flux is active between sunset and sunrise depending on location. How does 8:30 as a wake up time change things in terms of when flux is active?

    I wish there's some sort of help or documentation instead of us wondering what a setting is used for!

  • @THenrich It is for the bedtime mode. The sunset mode is what f.lux uses to warm up the colors and get you more relaxed. The (not so new) bedtime mode gets more red almost to really get rid of blue, and this is when f.lux thinks you should start going to sleep. Here is the user guide for mac:


    I'd assume (but it may not) that the page opens when you install, otherwise I had to search the web to find it.

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