How to speed up Android phone?

  • How to speed up Android phone? Is a difficult question to answer? Fortunately, you can booster your device in less than 5 minutes if you use these easy and simple tips.

    <Clear your APP Cache (30 seconds)

    Over a long or short time, your systems write to the app cache on your phone and run out system resources before while let everything slow down. Remember to purify and clean the cache in a regular time.

    <Disable Bloatware (60 seconds)

    Your device probably comes pre-installed with many additional apps when download one favorite app. If you don’t use these apps, you should rid of them, because they can run unknown in the background and runs the battery power, even you don’t open them. Unfortunately, you can’t delete these pre-installed apps unless you have rooted your Android phones first. But you can “disable” them so that they can’t run in the background, and update themselves automatically. Or you can choose one app to automatically delete these bloatware.

    <Use Purify app to speed up (quickly)

    You can use a third-party app such as Purify app, which will automatically purge your cache automatically on a regular schedule. And can let your Android phones have additional functions, such as system changes or customization.

  • @susanlau Caches exist for a reason, and a damn good one: to SAVE things that you might just use again. Linux kernel does this as well, as does newer versions of windows beginning with Windows 7. Caches keep things hidden in RAM but they aren't really running. I think this is why you can go to a bunch of applications and say "force close" but they aren't eating up CPU, even on ones that don't use notifications. They're just in the background in RAM probably cached for a faster startup.

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