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  • Hello! Good app but can you change also the temperature for the cursor?

  • @Sidhe said:

    Hello! Good app but can you change also the temperature for the cursor?

    There are currently only 2 different ways that we users of f.lux can do this:

    1. Make a simple change in the Registry (described near the end of this post) to enable Mouse Trails in a very special way so that you don't see any trails or experience any unwanted differences with your mouse, except that the mouse cursor is rendered by f.lux due to the rendering required for mouse trails. It's a neat trick.
    2. Open the Windows Magnifier and leave it set to 100%, and minimize it. It has the same result as above, except of course you have another program open.

    Both of these options has two problems if you play any video games:

    1. The mouse cursor will be invisible in some video games.
    2. In my experience, opening any game full-screen that was made with the Unity game engine will result in the mouse cursor in Windows no longer being rendered and thus you will see a "blue" mouse cursor until you log out of Windows and log back in (or just Restart, whichever is easier for you). The only way around this is to ALWAYS start the game in Windowed Mode and to ALWAYS make sure you exit the game in Windowed Mode. So, you kinda sandwich your game session with Windowed Mode. You can use Full Screen all you want while playing the game. Again, this only affects games made with the Unity game engine.

    If you want to do the Registry trick, then here's how to do it:

    1. Open Registry Editor. You can open it via a Start Menu search for "registry editor" or "regedit", or you can open the 'Run' dialog (shortcut: WinKey+R) and have it open "regedit.exe".
    2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse
    3. In the right-hand pane, double-click "MouseTrails"
    4. Change the value to either -1 or 99 (choose one or the other, you can test the one you don't choose later) and then press Enter.
    5. Close Registry Editor
    6. Log out of Windows
    7. Log back in
    8. Test the change.

    If you find any unwanted results from the value you chose, then just do this again but use the other value and try again.

    Unfortunately, these are the only 2 ways we can get the mouse cursor in Windows to be rendered by f.lux.

  • Good! Thanks!

  • You're welcome!

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