What Battery Saver App You use To Improve Your Battery Life

  • If you have owned a smartphone in the past, I'm sure that you will notice that the battery life is limited if you use your phone often. This is hard to avoid given the advanced specifications of phones like screen size and combined with their relatively compact batteries. Luckily, you can have best battery saver app, Purify that is available in the Android Market to help you conserve battery power.

    This is a battery saver app - https://purifyapps.com which displays real-time data about your phone's battery life. It will show you the percentage of the batteries charge still available, so you can see whether you need to charge your phone. Also, Purify can prove handy of you are running low on battery, and you can then decide if you want to only use your phone for essential tasks to conserve power. The battery saver app also allows you to customize the power settings by adjusting screen brightness, volume, data connections, etc. so you can optimize how the battery performs. Also, the app will display how much talk time, web surfing time, audio playback time and video playback time your battery is capable of performing based on its current battery percentage. Like Advanced Purify, the best battery saver app is also free on the Android Market, so it is worth a download.

    How do you think Purify? Any other apps you use you can recommend?

  • If you use f.lux, i assume you have root. Check out this XDA thread "http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/guide-extreme-battery-life-t3095884". I can tell you that you will see a difference in battery consumption especially when you are not using your phone. In addition i also use coolify to control battery temperature when playing graphics intensive games. My phone's battery doesn't seem to overheat so much but that might be just a placebo effect so try it out yourself and see if you want to.
    I haven't used Purify but i assume its more or less the same as other CM battery saving apps. IMO those don't really work as well as Greenify, Amplify and Powernap. These work at system level that's why root is required. Greenify hibernates apps and stop them from running in the background. Powernap stops certain apps from waking up the device when in deep sleep and so does Amplify but with better control over specific GoogleServices wakelocks which are one of the major cause of battery drain.


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