Constant Hard Drive Writing

  • I'm running f.lux (v3.10) on Windows 10. My hard drive was making noise every second. It sounded like a clock ticking. This was driving me nuts. The only thing that appeared to be writing to the hard drive, according task manager, was "System and compressed memory." There are many complaints about this Windows service on the net. I tried many suggestions and nothing worked. Then, I noticed that when I right clicked on the f.lux icon in the system tray the hard drive stopped ticking. I exited f.lux and it seems to have solved the problem. I tried running f.lux again and within a minute my hard drive started ticking again.

    I love f.lux, but I cannot use it until this bug is fixed.

  • I use an SSD, so I don't hear any 'ticking'... ever. Obviously you do not have an SSD in your PC. AS a workaround You might try plugging in an SD Card, or a USB key maybe? and installing the APP there... just a thought.

  • @Jakes Open "Resource Monitor" and you'll get a more detailed view of what's doing on in the "Disk" section.

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