Transition lagging the computer at startup

  • Hi,
    Firstly, Thank you very much dear developer.
    I am using flux in my two laptop. One of them is lagging the whole pc at startup. After transition finishes, no lag! Could you add an option to Transition time 0s?(only 20 and 60s available in 3.90 version)

  • @hisar26 Does the laptop you are using have the display drivers updated? If you don't know what video chip you're using do the following:

    Open start and right click "Computer" and choose "Manage". Get into Device Manager and go to "Display Adapters" use that information and go to the manufacturers website and get updated display drivers.

    Alternatively, go to you laptop manufacturer's website, go to "support" and "drivers". There find the "Display / Video" sections and download the updated drivers.

  • intel r hd graphics 5600 driver
    nvidia geforce 940m
    Pc is new, i will try to download latest drivers and see if it solves the problem. Thank you.

  • @hisar26 Woah you've got both Nvidia and Intel graphics chips. Nvidia will be the higher performance one but it will try to switch back and forth to conserve power. Good luck.

  • The problem remains same after updating graphics drivers for intel and nvidia. if you may put an option to transition immediately(0 seconds) i think it will better :) . Slow transition makes lagging. Actually smoothly it transits but lags at the same time. Thank you very much.

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